Contact Council

Please get in touch with your City Councillors and urge them to close the City Centre Airport. You can find full contact information here. Here’s a template to get you started:

Dear Mayor Mandel and Councillors:

The reports are in, the public hearings have concluded, and you’re left with a very important decision to make. Should you vote to keep the status quo at the City Centre Airport? Should you vote to expand scheduled service? Or should you vote to close the airport and end this debate once and for all?

The only rational, responsible decision is to close the airport.

Closing the City Centre Airport is an incredible opportunity. Removing the height restrictions of the Outer Surface will help to re-invigorate our downtown. Expansion of the existing NAIT campus will remove the need for that institution to build elsewhere, helping to curb urban sprawl. Intensification of the airport lands is wholly consistent with the City of Edmonton’s Strategic Plan and vision for the future. Importantly, this can be accomplished while celebrating the historical significance of Blatchford Field. Our city has a rare chance to build a transit-oriented community on the airport lands that is integrated, livable, innovative, and sustainable.

I urge you to vote in favour of closing the City Centre Airport.


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Here’s where to send your letter:

Office of the Councillors
2nd Floor, City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7

Telephone: 780-496-8110
Fax: 780-496-8113

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