Dear City Council: Thank you for closing the City Centre Airport!

On July 8th 2009, City Council voted 10-3 in favor of a phased closure of the City Centre Airport. While a decision with a firm closure date would have been preferrable, Council made a bold statement that they care about the future of the City. Thank you Councillors for making the right choice.

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Closing the City Centre Airport is an incredible opportunity for Edmonton. Some of the benefits of closure include:

  • Expansion of the NAIT campus
  • Removal of the height restrictions over downtown
  • Development of a new transit-oriented, green community

Don’t be fooled by the arguments against closure – the only rational, responsible course of action is to close the City Centre Airport.

Edmonton’s Strategic Plan outlines the following principles:

  • Integration
  • Sustainability
  • Livability
  • Innovation

It also highlights the following goals:

  • Diversify Edmonton’s Economy
  • Ensure Edmonton’s Financial Sustainability
  • Improve Edmonton’s Livability
  • Preserve and Sustain Edmonton’s Environment
  • Shift Edmonton’s Transportation Modes
  • Transform Edmonton’s Urban Form

The City Centre Airport as it currently exists is at odds with all of the above. The City Centre Airport is not consistent with the idea of a more sustainable, livable Edmonton.

The issue went to City Council on July 8, 2009.

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